Steroid Manufacturing

Firstly, Steroid Manufacturing, We have proven expertise in the development and manufacturing of human and veterinary steroids. We are one of the top steroid manufacturers and our services include:

  • Derivatives of steroids viz., peptides, small molecules, carbohydrates, and methoxy PEGs
  • Process optimization and robust development of multi-step organic synthesis
  • Handling of organometallic reagents, oxidations, reductions, hydrogenations, protection-deprotection and cryogenic reactions
  • Analytical support for development, impurity profiling and characterization based on spectral methods
  • Regulatory filings.. fat-burners/geranabol/

Moreover, Steroid Manufacturing Facility: World-Class Infrastructure To Support Steroid Manufacturingarrow

Lastly, Our facility in Cuernavaca, Mexico is a US FDA-inspected site with a legacy of manufacturing 15+ steroidal APIs and intermediates. The manufacturing building* (bays) for steroids are dedicated and physically separated from non-steroid production bays.

  • Steroids are manufactured in Mexico using dedicated blocks
  • Multiple modules for manufacturing
  • Mix of SS, GL and Hastelloy reactors
  • State-of-the-art clean room facilities
  • Electronically control pressure differentials and airlock systems
  • Decontamination rooms for personnel and product containers, containment for offloading and milling.. testosterone-cypionate-bodybuilding/
  • State-of-the-art reaction system to handle cryogenic reactions below –150 ºC
  • HVAC systems for steroids buildings are also separate systems from non-steroids buildings
  • Highest international HS and E Standards are applied in manufacturing areas
  • Warehousing: we have dedicated warehousing that is physically segregated with independent HVAC for storage of steroidal RMs, intermediates, and APIs
  • Strict procedures (full cGMP’s internal SOPs) are followed for materials handling in warehouses and dispensing areas
  • Utilities like nitrogen and water that has direct contact with raw materials or products are separate for steroidal as well as non-steroidal block
  • Specifications, analytical methods, analytical records, and SOPs are in place for the quality management of all materials in full compliance
  • We have a highly experienced team of chemists, analysts, and process engineers. Personnel in manufacturing areas are well trained and qualified for operating both steroidal and non-steroidal processes.. clenbuterol/

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